Wine tasting at Lake Bienne

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From CHF 225

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1-DAY Wine tasting walk at Lake Bienne

Guided walking tour through the vineyards around the lake of Bienne. Including wine tasting.

What's included?

  • 1-day detailed itinerary
  • Wine degustation on one of the vineries
  • Meet your queer local guide in the city of your choice (Bern, Zürich, Basel, or Lucerne)
  • 24/7 Phone support of Queer Travel Switzerland

From CHF 225

+6 Additional options

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You start this tour individually from any city. Public transport is the easiest and most comfortable way of moving around Switzerland. If you don't have the Swiss Travel Pass already you can add it during the booking of this trip. It allows free transportation within Switzerland for the duration of the pass.

Have a relaxed walk through the vineyards of Lake Bienne. On the way taste some local vine and enjoy the views.

Take the train to either Bern, Zürich, Basel, or Lucerne where a queer local guide is waiting to show you the selected city on a short stroll.




Switzerland is considered a particularly safe country, also when it comes to dealing with the LGBTQ+ community. Queer Travel Switzerland guarantees a safe and carefree travel experience.


Swiss public transport carries travelers away to the most fascinating panoramic routes, the most beautiful mountain summits, and the most romantic boat tours. The way of traveling is as exciting as it is relaxing.


On our tours, you are guided by our detailed itinerary. You will meet one of our queer local guides, who will personally immerse you in the history of the city.



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